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Interview With Brentwood Music Teacher Emil Geddes 1/24/2023
Interview With Brentwood Music Teacher Emil Geddes 1/24/2023 8:46 Daily News 10/17/22 Stockton Murder Suspect Arrested Saturday Oct. 15 1:05 Episode 99: Oakley City Manager Josh McMurray 43:42 Daily News 10/5/22: Brentwood City Council Candidates Forum Oct. 6 1:44 Daily News 10/4/22: Beloved Country Musician Loretta Lynn Dead at 90 0:48 Daily News 10/3/22: Bones Found in Pioneer Search Not Human 1:06 Daily News 9/30/22: Three Suspects Shot for Oakland School Shooting 0:57 Daily News 9/29/22: Hurricane Ian Causes Major Damage in Florida 1:11 Daily News 9/21/22: East Bay Regional Park District aims to acquire new property 1:01 Daily News 9/20/22: California's Legal Cannabis Access Expanded 1:00 Daily News 9/19/22: Oakley Woman Charged With Murder 0:52 Daily News 9/15/22: Railway Worker Strike Avoided 1:02 Daily News 9/14/22: The Mosquito Fire Grows to 58,544 acres, and is 20% contained. 1:00 Episode 98: Brentwood City Manager Tim Ogden 49:19 Episode 97: West Nile Virus, City Council, and High School Football 26:34 Episode 96: Knightsen Elementary School District Superintendent Harvey Yurkovich 47:30 Episode 95: Gun Violence, House Fires, and High School Football Returns 30:04 Episode 94: Brie Hague of Harvest Grove Virtual Academy 29:55 Episode 93: Brentwood Shooting, Newsom's Drought Plan, and Brentwood Police Chief Retires 18:38 Episode 92: Author Jim Hamilton and his Waves of Life 29:05 Episode 91: Alexis Gabe, Emergency Evacuation Routes, and Social Media Safety 25:31 Episode 90: From Surrogates to Advocates with Jessica and Chris Busman 40:36 Episode 89: Alexis Gabe, Water Restrictions and Wakeboarding 24:56 Episode 88: East County Revolution FC is Kicking Off a New Soccer League 48:58 Episode 87: Charity, Free Meals and Homicide 24:16