Results Without Restriction

Episode 9: Create Your Home Workout Strategy with Heather Nasella

August 30, 2021 Laurie
Results Without Restriction
Episode 9: Create Your Home Workout Strategy with Heather Nasella
Show Notes

In this episode I'm chatting with Heather Nasella,  a certified personal trainer and expert homeschooler (she's been at it for almost a decade!)

Heather is an expert at creating an effective home workout space and strategy for women who either can't get to  a gym or simply prefer the convenience and privacy of home workouts.

She shares how she started working out at home, how she turned that practice into a virtual personal training business, showing other moms how to create the space in their home, and their lives, for life-changing fitness .

In this episode: 
01:59 - Becoming a mom of 2 and starting home workouts 
03:00 - Ditching the weight loss goal to focus on consistent movement 
03:54 - Her home workout ‘aha’ moment 
04:46 - What made her want to help other women get moving
06:00 - Tossing the scale 
07:07 - Her invisible transformation 
08:25 - Being the client’s positive inner voice 
09:19 - Homeschooling and home workouts 
13:03 - Making fitness part of the family routine
14:06 - Drawbacks for homeschooling and home workouts
15:36 - Creating an effective, dedicated workout space 
18:45 - Taking your home workout outside
19:45 - What equipment you need to get started 
20:43 - The importance of consistency 
22:16 - The resistance band mistake people make 
25:40 - What goes into a well rounded home fitness program?
26:41 - Choosing activities you like
30:40 - The single biggest obstacle of working out at home
31:39 - What’s your WHY? 
32:39 - Put your workouts on your calendar 
36:31 - The problem with peer accountability
41:20 - Figure out your best workout time
42:31 - The benefits of working with Heather
46:14 - Heather gets to the heart of her clients’ motivation 
47:28 - Deconstructing the diet culture lie that we need to be smaller 
48:34 - Becoming a #badathmother 
49:50 - Heather’s tips for creating an effective home workout program you can commit to 

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