Real Organic Podcast

Walter Jehne Part 1: Hydrology, Desertification, And Climate

November 09, 2021 Real Organic Project Episode 38
Real Organic Podcast
Walter Jehne Part 1: Hydrology, Desertification, And Climate
Show Notes

#038: Australian soil microbiologist and climate scientist Water Jehne makes a convincing case for shifting focus away from carbon emissions and towards restoring the water cycle in order to speed up planetary healing.  With the desertification of fertile lands on the rise over the past decade due to human activity, he argues that we are all in for cascading and escalating problems if we don't begin to build soil and restore hydrology.

Walter Jehne is a renowned soil microbiologist and climate scientist with Australia's CSIRO. He is the cofounder of Healthy Soils Australia, Regenerate Earth, and the Rehydrate California Initiative, and works as a consultant for regenerative agricultural projects across the globe. Walter serves on the Real Organic Project Advisory Board.

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