Successfully Sustainable

Episode Five: Ellis Silverman

August 03, 2021 CAYA Creative Studios Season 1 Episode 5
Successfully Sustainable
Episode Five: Ellis Silverman
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Ellis Silverman is South Africa's national sales manager for OKJA Oat Milk, a clean-label oat milk with only four ingredients, proudly founded here in South Africa. Ellis talks about his plant-based experience, the experience of working for a company that cares about source, and the many, many reasons that you should be moving more plant-based. If you're interested in learning more about the impact of plant-based milks on the environment, some criticisms of the ethicality of plant-based lifestyles in and of themselves, and some exciting products that OKJA have got coming down the line, then you need to listen to this episode - at the LINK IN OUR BIO!

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Produced by CAYA Creative Studios & brought to you by @aether_herbalistandapothecary
Host: Brad Farrell ( @brad.farrell )
Guest: Ellis Silverman ( @ellizimo ) of OKJA ( @olaokja )
Co-Producer: James Granelli ( @jamesgranelli )
Theme Song: Written & Produced by Jono Greyling ( @jono.greyling )