Successfully Sustainable

Episode Six: David Le Page

August 09, 2021 CAYA Creative Studios Season 1 Episode 6
Successfully Sustainable
Episode Six: David Le Page
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Sign the Asset Manager Divestment letter.
Sign the petition to UCT to divest from fossil fuels and invest in sustainable energy .
Sign on now to the #uprootthedmre (Department of Mineral Resources & Energy campaign of the Climate Justice Coalition.

David Le Page is the co-ordinator and interim chair of Fossil Free South Africa, the South African campaign for fossil free divestment.  Fossil fuel divestment is one of six key ‘nudges’ that could tip humanity towards rapid decarbonisation.  Academics argue most responsible investment practice in SA has little substance.  Fossil Free SA want to change that with real movements of capital into robust fossil-free ESG funds.   If you want to hear more about how you can help change the way that the institutions that you are a part of contribute directly and indirectly to climate change and the ongoing validation of fossil fuel corporations, you need to listen to this episode! 

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There are many other great organisations doing work to fight climate breakdown in South Africa that you can follow or support. Some notables:

350 Africa
Centre for Environmental Rights
Earthlife Africa
Extinction Rebellion South Africa
Just Share
Mining Affected Communities United in Action
Project 90 by 2030
Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute