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Ep 88 - 'Is Your Boss Limiting Your Opportunities? 5 Questions to Break the Stalemate', with Career Coach Rebecca Allen

April 11, 2023 Rebecca Allen Episode 88
Her Ambitious Career
Ep 88 - 'Is Your Boss Limiting Your Opportunities? 5 Questions to Break the Stalemate', with Career Coach Rebecca Allen
Show Notes

Welcome to Her Ambitious Career, the personal branding and success podcast for corporate women who want to land dream opportunities in their careers and get that recognition they so deserve.

What do you do if your boss...

  • Won't give you that next stretching opportunity...?
  • Doesn't see you as 'strategic' or ready for that step up...?
  • Isn't giving you the chance to show what you can really do...?

I have clients who have said to me...

"Everybody seems to be happy with where I am right now... everyone from my boss right up to the VP... everyone, that is, except for me."

So if that's you.... you'll get a lot of goodness out of today's conversation.

In this episode I am sharing:

1. 5 common scenarios that mean you're feeling overlooked in your career right now

2. A discussion of how your boss could be 'pigeonholing' or 'limiting' you in your career right now

3. And 5 coaching questions you can ask yourself right now.. to help you start challenging this stalemate and getting more of the outcomes you want from your career!

Are you ready???

Here's something interesting I said in this ep! :)

"You don't want to fall victim of just assuming your boss knows what you want. Just taking on more responsibility or working even harder doesn't necessarily equate in their mind to realising you are doing all this because you actually want a promotion."  (Rebecca Allen, Career Success Coach and host of Her Ambitious Career podcast)


Some More About Your Host:

Rebecca Allen is a Career Success Coach for ambitious women who want more from their lives and careers. She has worked over the last 13+ years with clients from companies including ANZ Bank, Origin Energy, J.P. Morgan, PwC, McKinsey, IHS Markit and Coca-Cola Amatil and loves getting those excited phone calls from clients saying they’ve been promoted, have negotiated a seismic pay rise or have moved into a role completely aligned with their mission, values and strengths.

Her own ambitions include raising two beautiful, happy confident children; building a fun and impactful coaching business that empowers 50,000 women worldwide; and visiting Alaska!


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