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The Potty Mouth Poopcast
S1 E5-Part 2 - One Huge Sperm Whale in a Pond
October 16, 2018 Karla Serrato and Sarah Sofia Serrato

In Part 2 of Animals And Their Poop, we talk about Sloths, Pandas, and Whales! Karla picks at her toes flicking toe skin particles all over the place! This is also the last episode where we have a baby or a dog as co-hosts. Ethan and Duncan will be dearly missed but I think our loyal listeners will be a little less annoyed at the background distractions. So soak up those last adorable coos from Ethan and enjoy Duncan as he imitates a cow in an attempt to convince us to let him stay on as co-host. We haven't told him yet, but he doesn't make the cut. 

***Disclaimer: Strong opinions regarding sloths are revealed! We don't hate them, they just terrify us to the core.***

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