Greater Formation and Power Podcast

022. An Interview with Andrea St. Louis: "Empty Your Bag, Live Lighter, Find Your Place"

March 15, 2022 Tom Griffith
Greater Formation and Power Podcast
022. An Interview with Andrea St. Louis: "Empty Your Bag, Live Lighter, Find Your Place"
Show Notes

I've been excited to get the chance to interview Andrea for a while.  She is one of my star clients in my "Get Clear, Get Focused and Be Fruitful" program.  She is a gifted communicator, and she helps me interview a number of people on these podcasts.

In this podcast, we discuss what it was like growing up in a strict Jamaican family of faith.  We hear of some seasons where she went a bit off the rails - and how God drew her back into deep faith - particularly through her mom's gracious love and faith.

Andrea grew up in the Truth stream of the body, but she has felt most nurtured in the Contemplative stream as an adult.  God has been shaping and reshaping her sense of identity and community over the last few years, and her faith keeps getting better and better.  She likes to help people move out of personal bondage and into a clear sense of identity and purpose.

This has been part of her own journey, as God has led her through a few seasons of emptying her bag, learning to live lighter and finding her place in the body and in this world.

As you listen to this podcast, may you receive God's invitation to empty your bag, learn to live lighter, and find your fresh and fitting place in the Body of Christ and in the world!

~ Coach Tom

Andrea St. Louis is a highly intuitive Coach, Writer, and Business Consultant with a passion for helping people to see themselves from God's perspective and to live in purpose. She is a wife, mother, and recent seminary graduate committed to teaching others to embrace authenticity and grace in sharing their stories, discovering their gifts, and embracing their place in the Kingdom.


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