Greater Formation and Power Podcast

038. An Interview with Donovan Graham: "Permission to STOP and Meet With God"

August 15, 2022 Tom Griffith
Greater Formation and Power Podcast
038. An Interview with Donovan Graham: "Permission to STOP and Meet With God"
Show Notes

In this episode we will be challenged to:

  • Reconsider our culture of busyness, productivity, achievement and accomplishment
  • Take stock of what is happening to our souls
  • Slow down, listen and be filled...and work out of that place
  • Offer others the opportunity to do the same

Tune in to learn from the faith journey of my friend; a wonderful, much-respected person of solid faith.

~ Coach Tom

Dr. Donovan Graham—teacher, counselor, professor, mentor, spiritual companion and guide for nearly 60 years. He served in those roles for over 30 years at Covenant College, then with the Serge Mission, and currently as the director and chaplain of the Space for God ministry. His heart is to lead weary educators and other shepherds into the quiet where they can meet and listen to God to be refreshed, renewed, and re-energized.

His website "Space for God" is:


Paulea Mooney McCoy:
Paulea has over 20 years of experience developing people and programs through community-based organizations, churches, and in higher education. Her passion is to assist people in their journey to discern and live out their calling.  Paulea sees her role as a coach and spiritual mentor to help people discover what really makes them “come alive”.

·       Strengths-based coaching using Strengthsfinder assessment tool

·       Life coaching and spiritual direction for individuals, couples and small groups

·       Retreat planning and facilitation

·       Speaking on issues related to urban ministry, racial reconciliation, 
         community development and healthy relationships.

She lives with her husband, Bil, in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and has three amazing adult children.

You can  connect with Paulea via email at:


You can connect with Coach Tom at:

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