Greater Formation and Power Podcast

041. The Power of Discipleship

October 28, 2022 Tom Griffith
Greater Formation and Power Podcast
041. The Power of Discipleship
Show Notes

Our propensity to live from a place of selfishness and greed may not be transformed by conversion or an encounter with Christ alone.  Kingdom Discipleship is needed to transform lives.

This podcast is based on Mathew 9:1-13

Jesus exhibited His authority to heal and forgive.
He went to those who needed healing and forgiveness.
(It might be wise for us to go to those who need what we have to offer.)

Religious people had difficulty with what He was doing.
It is interesting that people of faith often flock together - and then exclude others.  Instead of giving from what they have freely received, they/we close the door behind themselves/ourselves (Matthew 23:13)

How can this be?  How can we be changed"
These are questions Coach Tom explores in this teaching.

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