Movement and Mindset with Jessica Carey
Speak Out Loud: Stories of Strength
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Speak Out Loud: Stories of Strength
Movement and Mindset with Jessica Carey
Apr 04, 2022 Season 2 Episode 12
Kathryn Walton

Jessica Carey's deep connection with the Southern Downs Region goes back six generations. Today we chat about the cycles and seasons in nature, and that by choosing your mindset and your actions, you build your strength and resilience which positions you in a much better place to manage the changes, the cycles and the seasons in life. Jessica also shares her love of physical activity and sport, and the many opportunities across the region for joining in structured activities like sport, as well as unstructured leisure activities such as bushwalking that gets you connected with nature. Our conversation reflects many of the themes that we've explored in Season Two and I'm sure it will inspire you to get out there and get active.

Listen to the podcast conversation to hear Jessica share:

  • her family connection to the Southern Downs
  • her perspective of natural events that focuses on cycles and seasons 
  • health is a value which guides her choices in nutrition, movement, stillness, sleep, relationships, goals and nature
  • opportunities for people to get active in the region including structured sport and unstructured leisure activities
  • how to find information about physical activities including asking other people, using social media, accessing council’s website and asking local businesses
  • her favourite ways to get active and what motivates her
  • local spaces for hiking including Girraween National Park
  • ‘in town’ options for people to get active
  • why she loves teaching children swimming skills
  • opportunities for adults to get involved with a new sport or activity
  • increase your physical activity by starting small, setting a goal and working towards it slowly whilst being kind and compassionate with yourself
  • mindset, movement and connection creates change that can increase your resilience and improve your emotional and physical well-being
  • it’s important to choose activities and ways of connecting that work for you
  • her belief that the region has incredible opportunities to get active and explore the natural landscapes

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Series 2 has been jointly funded under the Commonwealth and State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (2018)

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