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Danny B

Hello, I'm Danny B. Host of Belangers Brain Breach. Wee bit of context., 'Some cussing language at times" I enjoy talking, never use too. In the face of toxic negativity and a world that yet understands the hidden world of mental health. I decided at this time in my life, I, my family, friend's and the world needed, my brand of silliness, real non-fiction, fiction, laughter voice overs and commonality. I discuss just about anything and everything, lots about self healing and taking a positive look at our selves, I'm strongly in the belief we are more than society designs us to be. Our inner potential has the ability to send us to the realm of our dreams. "Tangible" dreams. I've really no structure or theme, no manuscript nor foot notes. "Not that it really concerns me" I'm not the yes person anymore and this is our life a sacred journey. Subject matter is tender, dear to the heart, soulful, comical whilst others episodes right insane you'd think?? Lol My hope is you the listner find bits of positive healing, via my life experience, compassion, empathy, humor, respect for self, nature, and others. Thank you for listening, extremely appreciated.

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