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Whole Body Hyperthermia, the game changing treatment With Michelle McKeon

May 01, 2022
Bianca's Holistic Way
Whole Body Hyperthermia, the game changing treatment With Michelle McKeon
Show Notes

Michelle McKeon is the owner and operator of Lyme and Cancer Services.  She is also a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Mold Practitioner who specializes in tick-borne diseases, hyperthermia treatment, environmental toxins, gut health, and inflammatory issues.  Michelle was introduced to functional medicine after her personal struggle with a debilitating battle of Lyme disease.

During hyperthermia treatment for lyme disease, the core temperature of the body is increased carefully through the use of whole-body infrared-A-irradiation. The goal is to bring the body temperature to at least 106° F (41.1° C), which is the temperature at which it is believed many strains of Borreliosis are affected. If the patient is able to tolerate higher temperatures, doctors at the hospitals in the United States, Germany, and Mexico believe it is preferable to try and reach 107° F (41.67° C) and slightly above.

By reaching a higher temperature there is a better chance of eradicating more strains of Borreliosis and other pathogens causing illness.

In this episode we discuss Michelle's story, all things lyme, environment and even Mcas 
All about how hyperthermia as a means to assist in healing lyme 

Bring a pen and paper we get so many tips!


And if you run with your scars rather than use them as an excuse life can be truly abundant.

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