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FB ads....should you use them when you first start your business?

April 03, 2023 James Lawson Season 1 Episode 13
Business Success By Design
FB ads....should you use them when you first start your business?
Show Notes

One of THE most asked questions we get with new clients in their first year of their business is "should I run Facebook ads to drive leads?"

FB ad campaigns aren't easy and they aren't cheap - testing alone can cost several $$$$$$$!

In this podcast, I talk specifically on:

  • The steps we took and our experience when we first tried running FB ads
  • Key considerations of where you should be in your business before investing in FB ads
  • Other ways to generate leads, especially as new business 

So, if you're considering whether or not to run FB ads we hope this episode helps you in your decisions!

Hello! We are James and Angela, entrepreneurs and strategic marketing coaches living in Northern Virginia! Nice to meet you!

We began our entrepreneurial journey in 2009 after spending 25+ years as Sales and Marketing execs in high-tech Corporate America generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues earning multiple 6-figure incomes.

Our mission - to help NEW or Early Stage Coaches, Consultants and Small Businesses, COMPRESS the time it takes to get to a 6-figure revenue stream without the stress, overwhelm and costs of advertising, hours on social media and complex sales funnels.

We quickly learned that NO amount of success at the corporate level would prepare us for such an income level as brand new business owners.

After too many years of scrambling trying to get clients and build predictability and consistency in our business, we finally decided to get out of our own way and got some coaching help (every business owner, especially coaches, should have a coach!)

We re-examined WHO we wanted to help and WHAT problem we best solved. BOOM! In less than 9 months, we were generating 6-figures using our own methodology and have helped hundreds of small business owners, coaches and consultants do the same.

It all comes down to 3 core concepts - CLARITY in your messaging, CONFIDENCE in your offer and CONTROL in your business.