Behind the Service

The Military Spouse Perspective w/ The Ohana Homefront Foundation.

November 02, 2021 Becca Hyde Sarah Otto and Natalie Ealy Season 2 Episode 60
Behind the Service
The Military Spouse Perspective w/ The Ohana Homefront Foundation.
Show Notes

On the first episode of The Military Spouse Perspective, Becca sits down with the founders of an amazing organization dedicating their service to raise awareness of suicide in our military family community.

The Ohana Homefront Foundation was founded in 2021 by two friends, Sarah Otto and Natalie Ealy.  Sarah and Natalie share the same passion for suicide awareness and prevention within the military community.  "Suicide in our military community is an issue, especially for the families, yet it is not spoken about at the same level as active duties and veterans."  OHF's mission is to support the ENTIRE military community when it comes to suicide awareness, by bringing the talk of suicide to the front for the military community as a whole and to offer support to those holding down the homefront. 

Military Suicide Prevention | Ohana Homefront Foundation

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