Krazy Truth

Krazy Truth #195 C is For Coochie NOM NOM NOM

February 09, 2022 Kole Snodgrass Season 5 Episode 195
Krazy Truth
Krazy Truth #195 C is For Coochie NOM NOM NOM
Show Notes

This week we are all over the board.  We talk about Kole getting some swinger sex in.  We talk about some other crazy fun shit and yes we do talk about how Cookie monster might eat Coochie. ( it will make senses when you hear it LMFAO)  We do actually also answer a question.  SO this week our audience wanted to get our opinion on how to handle people that are trying to make everything a challenge.  What do I mean? well we are specifically talking about people that don't squirt and the idiots that try to make it their mission to make them squirt.   We talk about how hurtful it is when the "challenge accepted" line is used and how maybe we should all just love the opportunity to be with someone just the way they are.  Give this show a listen you will be glad you did.  Want to hear all our shows?
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