Krazy Truth

Krazy Truth #197 How to spit with class

February 24, 2022 Kole Snodgrass
Krazy Truth
Krazy Truth #197 How to spit with class
Show Notes

So this week we have some serious fun.  We talk about Amanda's Lunch Date and yes we give her all kinds of shit but she talks about how she even still gets nervous.  Then we are off to the races with helping other people.  We first help a couple to figure out Jizz Etiquette and a better way to spit out the load that she loves to earn but does not want to taste.    Let me tell you you have not lived unless you hear Ms Amanda describe the taste of CUM it is awesome, but wait we are not done yet.    We head to the west coast to help a couple that is new at playing alone deal with the issue of unwanted marks,  It is awesome doing the show in front of our live Kasbh Group as they had some great insight and thoughts.  Check out the show you will be glad you did.  Want to hear the rest of our shows?
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