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Krazy Truth #198 You Have the Power!

March 02, 2022 Kole Snodgrass Season 5 Episode 198
Krazy Truth
Krazy Truth #198 You Have the Power!
Show Notes

This show was so much fun.  We spend time going down memory lane, Ms Amanda does the intro, we talk all kinds of topics BUT we do actually get on task as well.  We deal with the question of why people feel the need to get naked at every event and if the rules of the world apply or not.  We also talk about participation.   We help a couple from Oklahoma and a club that required everyone at the party to participate, not like in a nice way.  This show is all about the reality that this is a choose your own adventure and NO ONE has the right to make you participate in anything.   You know on the power tower that is swinging,  YOU have the most power every single one of you as individuals.  NEVER let any podcaster, event promoter, club or group tell you otherwise!  Check out the show you will be glad you did.  Want to hear the rest of our shows?
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