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Krazy Truth #144 Mean Blow Jobs and Pegging

February 17, 2021 Kole Snodgrass Season 4 Episode 144
Krazy Truth
Krazy Truth #144 Mean Blow Jobs and Pegging
Show Notes

Well it is great to be back in the studio this week.   We tackle the question of one couple in Dallas Texas about the new trend for "porn blow jobs" or really aggressive blow jobs and how to handle it.  We talk about the need to feel comfortable to say no and the how to communicate with your playmates.   The second half of the show we tackle the issue of Pegging.  We are Krazy TRUTH and to be honest we admit to our limited knowledge of the subject of pegging.  We share info from our live audience and talk about going to experts that do have answer to this couples questions!  The best way to help people is to be honest.  Even if that means admitting on the hair that we just do not have enough knowledge to help with this question.    Hey do you want to hear all our shows?  Go to today.  Also Check out our other sponsors:

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