How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!

Episode 2: I Am Not Just An Optimist - I Am an Opti-Mystic with Edie Weinstein

July 22, 2021 Dr. Yvonne Kaye Season 1 Episode 3
How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!
Episode 2: I Am Not Just An Optimist - I Am an Opti-Mystic with Edie Weinstein
Show Notes

"I am not just an optimist - I am an Opti-Mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility."  Edie Weinstein

Meet my dear friend and colleague, Edie Weinstein.  She is an amazingly creative woman.  I have known her for many years, and have watched her grow and change remarkably. 

Edie understands the importance of being there for someone and how something as simple as listening helps people look to their goals in life. 

She often refers to herself as "professionally polyamorous" because I have so many overlapping, multiple relationships with work.  In addition to being a writer, journalist, therapist, and interfaith minister...her energy has no bounds... she is also an Opti-Mystic, one who sees  the world through the eyes of possibility.  

She is a MSW LSW, columnist, book author, writer and blogger.  Known worldwide for her empathy, compassion and enthusiasm for life, Edie’s books and writings bring comfort, laughter and insight into every day life for everyone.

She has endured many challenges including those that were life threatening, yet meets each event  with courage and many  times, humor.   She  is nationally recognized as the leader of the Hug Mob movement and decided to make the world a more welcoming, embracing place, since she saw that often, people felt alone and disconnected from those around.  This movement, started locally,  gives free hugs and is most respectful asking first  for permission.

During  the pandemic, her encouraging  articles helped so many people to the point when we, her colleagues and friends told her to slow down. Did she? Well let  us say it was a bit of a struggle. In this podcast with this exceptional woman,  you will hear  honesty, encouragement, laughter.

The highlight of her life is that she became a grandmother for the first time!  Her joy boy as she likes to call him!

This podcast would not be possible without the support of the Twilight Wish Foundation.  I am deeply grateful for  helping me to check a big one off my bucket list!

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