How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!

Season 2: Episode 4 Sue Begent - Sales, Marketing and Mindset Coach

October 28, 2021 Dr. Yvonne Kaye / Sue Begent Season 2 Episode 4
How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!
Season 2: Episode 4 Sue Begent - Sales, Marketing and Mindset Coach
Show Notes

"I think that there have historically been very few women who have shown us what it looks like to be a powerful, feminine leader.  I think we've seen women who have managed to achieve success because they have had to fight and take on a lot of the characteristics of their male counterparts that have been able to achieve success.   They've had to suppress their femininity somewhat and take on more male characteristics.  What I see happening now is more women able to hang on to the things that make them feminine.  Their ability to feel and express and be sensitive to emotions--but without and also hold boundaries so that they don't have to be angry...they can be firm.  And as more and more women step into that it gives more and more of us examples that we can aspire to.  Every single woman who takes those steps, makes that journey, is actually holding that space for all of us --  and every single woman counts."  Sue Begent

If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.  Meet my dear friend, colleague and business coach, Sue Begent.   This episode is sure to uplift, inspire and empower you!

Originally from the UK, (and after 8 years as a nurse), a major backpacking trip, led Sue to Australia and a 25-year executive career, in sales and brand marketing.

In 2001, she was invited to the US to her first position in global marketing. For many years she was a global director in two major multi-national corporations, ultimately becoming the marketing lead for a US launch. 

In 2017 she decided to follow her heart and became a sales, marketing and mindset coach for women.  

 She serves coaches and service-based solo-entrepreneurs and is passionate about supporting women of all races, backgrounds and beliefs to succeed and claim the success they deserve.  The world needs us.

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She can also be reached via e-mail at: and her phone number is 678.628.4230.

Dr. Yvonne Kaye

A survivor of the Second World War, Dr. Yvonne Kaye uses her experiences in working with people in emotional pain, grief and loss, believing in the spiritual power of humor as a healing tool.

Dr. Kaye has been in the field of human service for many years, encountering extraordinary people whose courage has amazed her. Her passion is offering enrichment in life, mentally and emotionally, to those who have no concept of their own creativity.

This weekly podcast will include everything from laughter roaring to covering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)...anything goes.

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