How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!

Season 3: Episode 2 A Hero for the Ages with Decorated United States Marine Roland Scarinci

January 23, 2022 Dr. Yvonne Kaye Season 3 Episode 2
How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!
Season 3: Episode 2 A Hero for the Ages with Decorated United States Marine Roland Scarinci
Show Notes

It has been my goal since the beginning of this podcast series to interview a Veteran.  For one reason or another, to this point I had not been able to make that happen.  Now I know why.  This was the veteran that was meant for me  so that I could bring his beautiful story of life, love and service to all of you.

Meet decorated War War II Veteran Roland Scarinci, a modern day officer and a gentleman. Roland joined the United States Marines in1942 at the  age of 17 with special permission from his mother so he could join his two brothers, also serving in the Army and Navy.

All I can honestly say is that from the minute I experienced the magic of Roland, I never stopped smiling.  And when you hear his voice, you won't believe he is 99 years young almost to be a centenarian on February 18th of this year!!!  Now that's what I call ripening quite well!

His stories are truly amazing.  Whether through his voice, his smile, the humor and passion he brings when he speaks about his service and love for his country,  meeting the love of his life, and the special relationship he shares with his daughter, Denise, I dare you not to be touched in some way.

Make sure you listen to the very end where he offers a heartfelt rendition of God Bless America, a performance which is in high demand andn one he is often requested to perform on his harmonica all over the country.   He also makes personalized videos for special occasions just to spread sunshine.

In addition to representing his country through attendance at many public events, Roland is also involved and supports many organizations. 

Discovery Ministries
Families Behind the Badge Children's Foundation
Philadelphia Police Foundation
PA Special Olympics
Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation (MCLEF)

Roland, thank you for your service to so many.  We love you and salute you (and yes we are standing)!

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