Understanding and Preparing for H5N1
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Understanding and Preparing for H5N1
Jul 01, 2024
Canadian Medical Association Journal

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On this episode of the CMAJ Podcast, Dr. Blair Bigham and Dr. Mojola Omole discuss the latest concerns surrounding the H5N1 virus. They explore the current state of its transmission, symptoms and treatments. They also assess our pandemic preparedness and whether we are applying the lessons learned from COVID-19 to this new potential threat.

Dr. Robert Kozak, a microbiologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center and co-author of the article "Five things to know about highly pathogenic avian Influenza A: H5N1 Virus," addresses the recent cases of H5N1 transmission from dairy cattle to humans, explaining the symptoms and severity of the infections. He also discusses the current treatments available, the potential for human-to-human transmission, and the need for increased awareness among clinicians.

Dr. Thomas Piggott, the Medical Officer of Health and CEO of the city and county of Peterborough, Hiawatha, and Curve Lake First Nation Public Health, provides insights on pandemic preparedness. He reflects on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and evaluates whether we are better equipped to handle another pandemic. Dr. Piggott stresses the importance of maintaining public health infrastructure, enhancing surveillance methods like wastewater testing, and ensuring equitable access to care for all populations. 

Throughout the episode, the hosts and guests highlight the need for ongoing vigilance, improved public health measures, and a proactive approach to pandemic preparedness. They advocate for sustained investment in public health resources and infrastructure to better manage and mitigate future health crises.

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