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The inconvenience of motherhood to a medical career
The inconvenience of motherhood to a medical career 32:27 Button battery ingestion in children 17:12 Artificial intelligence in medicine 39:10 Adolescent contraception 20:43 Involving patients at CMAJ 42:08 Long-distance travel for birth for Indigenous people 34:01 Critical race theory in medicine 29:50 Alcohol use disorder & anticraving medication 32:20 Painful periods in adolescents 10:40 Screening for asymptomatic chlamydia and gonorrhea in primary care 23:20 Dépistage de la chlamydia et de la gonorrhée asymptomatiques en médecine de soins primaires 18:08 Antivaccine sentiment as power: the Montréal vaccine riots of 1885 26:21 Gender equity at the senior leadership level 26:54 Diagnosis and treatment of adenomyosis 12:48 Prescribing cascades 21:06 COVID-19 in patients on long-term dialysis 26:19 Mandatory vaccination for health care workers 22:50 Relaxing hospital no-visitor policies 34:07 Trench fever from body lice in Manitoba 38:52 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) management: clinical practice guideline 35:31 Prone positioning (chest down) for COVID-19 29:00 Priority groups for early COVID-19 immunization 29:02 Healing with music in the COVID-19 pandemic 8:16 Misinformation in medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic 29:59 Emergency procedural sedation in children 34:33