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How to be better at diagnosing rare conditions.
How to be better at diagnosing rare conditions. 33:32 Urgent need to improve organ donation experience for donor families 38:11 Clearing Misconceptions about Functional Neurological Disorders 35:14 Hot Flash: Experiencing menopause in medicine 32:08 Encore Presentation: Recognizing and Treating POTS 26:40 Special Episode - Depression in pregnancy and the postpartum period: should we screen everyone? 25:18 Does bodychecking experience really reduce concussions? 21:17 Fixing the problem of drug shortages in Canada 29:25 Suicidality crisis among transgender adolescents 31:45 Preventing overdose harms with a safe supply of drugs 31:44 What medical conditions and social factors increase the risk of drowning? 25:55 Is it time to re-think the quality improvement enterprise? 31:28 Lack of diversity in healthcare leadership 31:05 Is it time to replace high-stakes exams with graduated licensure? 33:11 Recognizing and treating POTS 26:40 Tackling carbon emissions in healthcare: from low-hanging fruit to systems change 30:08 Redesigning the CTU and reimagining medical education 35:25 Disseminated gonorrhea and rising rates of STIs 36:55 What’s driving Canada’s high rate of maternal trauma from operative vaginal delivery? 36:57 Should remote residents be prioritized for kidney transplants? 31:00 Special Episode: Quick look ahead 3:50 How social interventions can be powerful medicine 33:23 Special Episode: 13 practical ways to address inequities worsened by COVID-19 21:46 The Rise Of Ketamine 28:34 The inconvenience of motherhood to a medical career 32:27