Kevin Unscripted

Episode #62 Jeremy Envans

December 21, 2022 Kevin Willeboordse Season 1 Episode 62
Kevin Unscripted
Episode #62 Jeremy Envans
Show Notes

Jeremy Evans born and raised in Calgary Alberta, is an avid fisherman, hunter and author of a new book called MAULED: L e s s o n s l e a r n e d f r o m  a grizzly bear attack..
In August 2017, at the age of 32 Jeremy endured multiple ferocious attacks by a protective female grizzly bear while hunting in the Alberta wilderness. 

Jeremy’s injuries were massive and was able to make a miraculous recovery after crawling km's back to his truck and drive himself to help. 

Jermey is here with us today to tell his story. I hope you enjoy.

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