The Haskell Interlude

01: Emily Pillmore

August 09, 2021 Haskell Podcast Season 1 Episode 1
The Haskell Interlude
01: Emily Pillmore
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The guest of our first regular episode is Emily Pillmore, CTO of the Haskell Foundation. The hosts are Alejandro Serrano and Andres Löh. We talk about Emily's path to Haskell, the role of the Haskell Foundation and the CTO within the Haskell Foundation, about current projects, the Haskell Community and about Emily's work on Optics.

About Emily
The Haskell Foundation
On neutrality and navigating controversies
Haskell installation
More about the Haskell Foundation
Theory and practice in the Haskell community
Haskell libraries and Hackage
Affiliating with the Haskell Foundation