Stuck On Sorna

Ep. 8 - Part 2: An Abrupt Ending

September 05, 2021
Stuck On Sorna
Ep. 8 - Part 2: An Abrupt Ending
Show Notes

Let's talk about what JP3 and JP4 could've been. Hear from fans, cast and crew as we chat about Jurassic Park 3. Featuring an interview with the legendary William H. Macy.

The conclusion of the Stuck On Sorna podcast. Will it return someday? Yes, if I can manage to set up interviews with the director, any writer, producer or more of the main cast.

Join me for episode part 2 of 2 in this Stuck On Sorna finale. If you're just looking to hear the William H. Macy interview, skip ahead to the 45 minute mark.

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Featuring interviews and chats with:

Anthony Feliciano, filmmaker
Brad Jost of the Jurassic Park Podcast
Jack De La Mare of Jurassic Outpost
John Rosengrant, co-founder of Legacy Effects
David Monzingo of Stan Winston Studio
Lee Sabo
Taylor Nichols
Artist Robinson, JP3 crew, IMDB
Tom Fishenden, find him on Twitter and IG
Bri Bollman, The Neo Jurassic Podcast
Charles Hood, filmmaker and co-host of Light The Fuse Podcast
Lydia Laws, Lifting The Lyd Podcast
Brad, Jurassic Minutes Podcast and Twitter
Alyssa Miller, author at No Film School
Doug Meerdink, Art Director on JP3, IMDB
Ed Verreaux, Production Designer on JP3, IMDB
James Mottram, author of JP: The Ultimate Visual History Book
Rob Welcher, find him on twitter and TikTok: JurassicRob1993
Luke Ferris, host of the Jurassic Pod, find him on twitter
Riddihman M., JP fan, find him on twitter
Barrett Baker, JP fan, find him on twitter
Mike Zola, JP fan, find him on IG
Steven Ray Morris, host of See Jurassic Right, twitter and IG
William H. Macy, JP3's Paul Kirby, twitter and IG
Trevor Morgan, JP3's Eric Kirby, IG
Caleb Burnett, JP3 fan and JP Podcast contributor, IG and twitter
Brady Crane, co-host of the Jurassic Park Minute podcast