Stuck On Sorna

Ep. 4 - The Duel of the Dinos

August 22, 2021 Hosted by Daniel Stephen
Stuck On Sorna
Ep. 4 - The Duel of the Dinos
Show Notes

20 years later and still recovering from the death of the t-rex. Bold filmmaking or pure nonsense? We discuss the spino vs t-rex fight and the challenges facing the crew when trying to film the sequence.  Other highlights include a Spielberg encounter, Joe Johnston up in a tree, and maybe we'll hear about an earlier draft of JP3...maybe.

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Guests on this episode:
Artist Ricardo Delgado, @Delgadosaurus on Twitter
Stan Winston's John Rosengrant
Stan Winston's Mark Viniello
Stan Winston's David Monzingo
ILM's Anthony Shafer
Brad Jost, The Jurassic Park Podcast
Steven Ray Morris, the See Jurassic Right podcast
Tom Fishenden, @Tom_Jurassic on Twitter/IG
Caleb Burnett, @CalebComposed on Twitter/IG
DP Shelly Johnson
Editor Robert Dalva
AD Artist Robinson
Art Director Doug Meerdink
Script Supervisor Brenda Wachel
Artist John Bell
Artist Jack Johnson
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