Adventures in Language

How Language Works | The Building Blocks of Speech

May 03, 2022 Mango Languages
Adventures in Language
How Language Works | The Building Blocks of Speech
Show Notes

If you’re diving into the fascinating world of speech sounds, then one of your first stops has to be learning about the IPA, the International Phonetic Alphabet! Together with your personal language guide Emily (linguist, PhD), you’ll get to discover what exactly the IPA is, when to use it, and how it’s possible that by studying this one very special piece of paper you can unlock the speech sounds to ALL of the world’s languages!

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Emily Sabo (PhD, University of Michigan) is a linguist at Mango Languages. A Pittsburgh native, her areas of specialization are the social and cognitive factors that impact bilingual language processing. Having studied 7 languages and lived in various countries abroad, she sees multilingualism -- and the cultural diversity that accompanies it -- as the coolest of superpowers. Complementary to her work at Mango, Emily is a Lecturer of Spanish at the University of Tennessee, a Producer of the “We Are What We Speak’ docuseries, and get this...a storytelling standup comedian!

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