Adventures in Language

Learning Tips & Tricks | Not Yet as Fluent as You Want to Be?

October 14, 2021 Mango Languages
Adventures in Language
Learning Tips & Tricks | Not Yet as Fluent as You Want to Be?
Show Notes

Not yet where you want to be in your target language? Fret not, because in this podcast, we walk you through a guided self-reflection of 3 quick (but important) questions that are going to help you say さようなら (saYOOnara) to your fluency frustrations!

Together with your language learning guide Emily, you’ll get to (1) reflect on your motivations for learning the language, (2) figure out whether you’re carving out enough time to meet your proficiency goals, and (3) discover the right learning strategies for your needs.

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Wondering what languages were used in today’s episode?
Aloha is the word for both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in Hawaiian (language spoken in Hawai’i, also called ‘Olelo Hawai’i Makuahine’). Hujambo and kwa heri are ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye,’ in Swahili (a macrolanguage of Tanzania; also used as a lingua franca throughout East/Central Africa).
さようなら (saYOOnara) is ‘goodbye’ in Japanese (spoken in Japan). Sans plus tarder means ‘without further ado’ in French (the national language of France; also spoken in many other countries, such as Morocco, Canada & Belgium).
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Want to know more about the scientific research underlying this episode? Check out this academic paper about the role of motivation in the language learning process: Lee, M., & Bong, M. (2019). Relevance of goal theories to language learning research. System, 86, 102122.

Emily Sabo (PhD, University of Michigan) is a linguist at Mango Languages. A Pittsburgh native, her areas of specialization are the social and cognitive factors that impact bilingual language processing. Having studied 7 languages and lived in various countries abroad, she sees multilingualism -- and the cultural diversity that accompanies it -- as the coolest of superpowers. Complementary to her work at Mango, Emily is a Lecturer of Spanish at the University of Tennessee, a Producer of the “We Are What We Speak’ docuseries, and get this...a storytelling standup comedian!