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#3 Lewis Spears Wants You to Cancel Him

August 17, 2021 Darren Levy Season 1 Episode 3
The Darren Levy podCARst
#3 Lewis Spears Wants You to Cancel Him
Show Notes

Today’s guest is the proud prankster and stand up comedian, Lewis Spears. Lewis has featured in Funny Uber Rides a few times. I asked him to be a guest on the podCARst today because the way that he goes about promoting his online content and stand up comedy is very different to most people. I figured that it would be interesting to explore the mindset of someone online who is not afraid of being polarising to various audiences but with the primary intent to make people laugh.

I believe comedy is a misunderstood craft. It dates all the way back to medieval times where jesters would perform for royals and the wealthy and if they weren’t considered funny, there were severe repercussions - even death! Lewis and I explore this deeply and as bizarre as it may sound, he explains why it may even be in int he best interests for some stand up comedians to get cancelled online.

Our conversation today offers many insights into the world of stand up comedy in 2021.


Special Thank-Q to Lewis for being a part of this :)

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