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How I Approach Recovery as an Adoptee

May 20, 2023 Sober Podcast | Shelby Christianson Season 2 Episode 20
Sober Podcast
How I Approach Recovery as an Adoptee
Show Notes

Shelby Christianson is a 37-year-old mom, wife, teacher, and adoptee. Being newly sober, Shelby started realizing how much being adopted contributed to her entire life & history of alcohol abuse. Growing up in a home where addiction and abuse were present from her adoptive father, she can see the effects of both nature and nurture. After meeting her biological family in 2021 she became aware of certain features that were most certainly inherited with people she had never met before.  

After finding more clarity and doing tremendous research in her sobriety process, Shelby found that perfectionism is a specific trait that is shared among all adoptees. Her best lesson learned while in sobriety is that she is enough. She can stand on her own 2 feet without using alcohol or any other substance as a crutch. Thank you for tuning into Sober Podcast, to hear more interviews and read more about our sobriety podcast, please visit

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