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How I Survived Xylazine ⚠️ (TRIGGER WARNING) ⚠️

June 03, 2023 Sober Podcast | Evelyn Chesser Season 2 Episode 22
Sober Podcast
How I Survived Xylazine ⚠️ (TRIGGER WARNING) ⚠️
Show Notes

Evelyn Chesser joins us from Woodstock, VA. She is a 29-year-old mechanic who is here to recover out loud and share her experience with the drug Xylazine (Tranq) after being an IV heroin user for 12 years of her life. 

After coming close to dying from sepsis along with losing both of her legs due to severe necrosis, Evelyn is here alive and well to show others ‘we do recover! Hear the pain of her battle with opioids and the pain she went through during her drug abuse. 

Even after having experience with detoxing cold turkey several times off opioids, nothing could prepare Evelyn for her detox process with Xylazine. It was truly one of the most horrific experiences of her life. She experienced double vision, inability to sleep for several weeks, her body went into spasms, and she clenched so hard leaving her with 3 broken teeth. 

After ending up in the hospital, and being locked up in jail for a month, Evelyn was able to find peace from active addiction. She requested treatment and it brought her on her journey to finding recovery.  Now in recovery, her greatest lesson has been the ability to accept life on life’s terms, and when we are alone and isolated, we are in trouble. 

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