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How Fitness Helps Fuel My Recovery

June 10, 2023 Sober Podcast | Seija Nelson Season 2 Episode 23
Sober Podcast
How Fitness Helps Fuel My Recovery
Show Notes

Seija Nelson is our Soberlebrity guest on Sober Podcast joining host Jamie Brickhouse out of Denver, Colorado to share her experience with fitness in sobriety. She is on the board of Valor Rising which is a non-profit supporting those in recovery through fitness. 

With over 8 years sober, Seija has learned that having a routine and putting herself first, have been her biggest drives in fitness and sobriety. Through staying connected with daily meetings and service, she remains committed with integrity and strength. Seija shares how applying the one day at a time mentality towards fitness is the best way to approach getting healthy and fit in sobriety. 

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