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How Alcohol Free Drinks Help My Sobriety

July 15, 2023 Sober Podcast | Ian Blessing Season 2 Episode 28
Sober Podcast
How Alcohol Free Drinks Help My Sobriety
Show Notes

Our Soberlebrity guest today is Ian Blessing who is the Co-Founder of All The Bitter: An alcohol free line of bitters. Ian joins host Jamie Brickhouse to discuss his own sobriety, his experience in the restaurant industry, and his alcohol-free bitters. If you love nonalcoholic drink options, you won’t want to miss out on this interview! 

Ian has a long history of working in the restaurant industry of 15 years, where drinking is socially acceptable. From studying wine and spirits Ian found a job where he could taste and sell wine daily which led to a lot of justification of his alcoholism. 

Both Ian and his wife made the decision to quit drinking as of Halloween 2019. After having their son - hangovers, late nights, and all the other events associated with daily drinking started to be less attractive. After getting sober and relying on coffee, tea, and other alcohol-free options, Ian still craved the experience of enjoying a good drink. He started researching some non-alcoholic beers and wine. After seeing there weren’t many options for alcohol free drinks, he dove headfirst into the non-alcoholic beverage market. 

Ian shares how his connection with others in the non- alcoholic drink community he has been able to find sobriety. His best lesson in sobriety has been learning that just because you quit drinking it will not solve all your problems. 

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