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How I Use Art to Give Back in Sobriety

July 22, 2023 Sober Podcast | John Freyer Season 2 Episode 29
Sober Podcast
How I Use Art to Give Back in Sobriety
Show Notes

Today’s Soberlebrity guest John Freyer joins host, Jamie Brickhouse for an enlightening conversation on using art as a tool to give back in sobriety. John is an associate professor of Cross Disciplinary Media in the Department of Photography + Film with over 10 years of continuous sobriety! 

As the creator of many social art works such as Free Hot Coffee, Free Ice Water, Free Narcan Bike, & Free Hot Supper; John has incorporated the spirit of service and community with accidental audiences involving others in recovery and random strangers on the street. John shares about his social art projects that involve getting community involvement. He has found an incredible way to give back through his art. 

As the Fentanyl crisis began to grow, Narcan training became available through John’s teaching career. After being trained how to save a life, John came up with the creation of the Free Narcan Bike. He soon learned that the Free Hot Coffee Bike combined with the Free Narcan Bike was the perfect combination to use to get the public trained and distributed with Narcan. Tune in to hear more on John’s journey in sobriety and how he gives back to his community. If you are looking for inspiration, this is the interview for you!

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