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How I Found Storytelling in Sobriety

August 12, 2023 Sober Podcast | Robin Bady Season 2 Episode 32
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How I Found Storytelling in Sobriety
Show Notes

Robin Bady is a narrative artist who works nationally and internationally, developing performances and educational projects for adults and children. She performs at spoken word venues, Fringe Festivals, theaters, and storytelling festivals as a solo artist; she also performs and records with the RagTag Band. 

With over 35 years of sobriety, Robin shares with host Jamie Brickhouse in detail her experience with learning how to be an artist in sobriety. Prior to getting sober and after finding sobriety, Robin was conflicted with the possibility of being an artist and being able to continue her healing journey. She gave up all her artistic outlets to focus on sobriety believing that art was part of her sickness and somehow connected to her addiction. 

She changed her life so much when first getting sober that she cut out all forms of art and the friendships in that circle. She ended up doing various odd jobs that she ended up resenting and was miserable. It wasn’t until a medical condition which forced her to seek out vocal therapy that the artist in her was revived. Extreme boredom and a little encouragement from her vocal therapist helped get Robin back into practicing art with storytelling. Robin found a job telling stories at the local bookstore, which started her journey in storytelling. 

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