2023 On Fire
The Mind Body Project
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The Mind Body Project
2023 On Fire
Jan 03, 2023 Season 3 Episode 1

2022 had come to an end.  

2023 is here and ready to be ignited with newness.  

2023 is going to be on fire.  

How do we make 2023 ignite?  

We take a little time at the end of 2022 and reconnect our battery to our power source and decide what it will take in 2023 to keep our battery levels at an optimum level.  

If you are ready to ignite your 2023 and find out what is going to be happening in 2023 join Aaron in today's episode as he shares how to ignite your 2023.  

Bring your fire extinguisher, this episode may get out of control.