Tuesday Tea with Sweet D

Building a Successful Massage Practice with Taryn Pinson

October 05, 2021 Dominica Lumazar Episode 11
Tuesday Tea with Sweet D
Building a Successful Massage Practice with Taryn Pinson
Show Notes

This week on the Tuesday Tea Podcast, I got to sit down with seasoned business owner and prenatal and postpartum massage therapist, Taryn Pinson.

 As mom of 3, Taryn often visited massage therapists during pregnancy, but noticed after giving birth, she didn’t “allow herself” to  have time to continue with her self care and massage.

After graduating massage therapy school in 2014, Taryn set off on a journey to educate herself on all things pregnancy and postpartum related.  She wanted to offer a space  for women to feel safe and start to educate them on why we need care during pregnancy and beyond. 

Taryn has spent years developing these skills and many hours of continuing education to make sure she's constantly evolving to offer a more balanced environment to relax and recover before and after childbirth. 

Along with Tyran being one of my favorite people, I invited her on the show because she is the perfect example of what it takes to grow a successful service based practice from the ground up. 

Topics discussed on the episode: 

  • When It's safe to receive prenatal and postpartum passage 
  • Alignment with the medical community 
  • Business boundaries 
  • How to set service rates 
  • knowing your service worth and value 
  • Should you accept tips for a service? 

... and so much more! 

You can connect with Taryn at: https://ombodyworks.com/

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