Bigger and Better Business | Words to Run Your Company By
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Bigger and Better Business | Words to Run Your Company By
Aug 30, 2022 Season 3 Episode 57
Chris Lalomia

Welcome to this week's episode! Today, Chris and Alan are joined by Duane Johns of Alair Homes Charlotte in North Carolina.  Duane has worked as a builder and remodeler for all of his life, and then turned his work boots in for a seat at the table when he and his partner Roger Ketchum began a general contracting business in 1997. Duane's career and podcast, Builder Nuggets, has been quite successful so listen close as he drops GOLD NUGGETS on:

1. Finding a better way to do things is almost as important as surrounding yourself with people who also want to find a better way to do things.
2. The power of the bigger brand is HUGE especially when it comes to customer service consistency. Duane shares how Alair benefits from the power of the bigger brand, but also tailors the company to the local feel of the area.
3. Focusing on the success of your team ensures your own success, and it turns others into leaders to them further and expand the success.

Scaling your business? Want to franchise? Just want great business/life tips? Yup, this episode is for you!

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