Book Smarts Business

Heidi Torres, The CEOs of Networking

March 23, 2022 Season 1 Episode 35
Book Smarts Business
Heidi Torres, The CEOs of Networking
Show Notes

Is networking still just a bunch of sales people trying to sell their product and services? No, networking is all about learning about others and helping each other.  Heidi Torres, author of CEOs of Networking, talks about networking, how volunteering is a part of your networking strategy and her book.

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Connect with Heidi:

Heidi Torres built connections at an early age when she studied at twelve schools and lived in three countries. She pursued a fifteen-year career in sales and progressively led and developed sales teams that spanned three states. After a promotion to Human Resources Supervisor, she began overseeing the HR needs of over 200 employees. Torres then earned a BBA in HR Management from Texas Woman’s University, became a SHRM-Certified Professional, and landed positions as an HR Generalist and a Talent Acquisition Manager through networking. She serves on the DallasHR Board and attends the MBA program at West Texas A&M University.

When not working, Torres volunteers with the Alzheimer’s Association and enjoys spending time with her husband, rescue cats, and ducks.

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