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Susan Brady, Arrive and Thrive

September 23, 2022 Season 2 Episode 70
Book Smarts Business
Susan Brady, Arrive and Thrive
Show Notes

How might a whale's belly compare to the writing process sometimes? Susan, a four-time published author, explains her mentor's analogy and the writing process behind her newest book, Arrive and Thrive. Susan shares her thoughts on inclusive leadership and how the output of the pandemic might be categorized as a "she session." Listen Here!

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Bio: Susan Brady

Susan MacKenty Brady is the Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership at Simmons University and the first Chief Executive Officer of The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership. The Institute develops the mindset and skills of leaders at all stages of life so they can foster gender parity and cultures of inclusion.

As a relationship expert, leadership well-being coach, author, and speaker, Susan educates leaders and executives globally on fostering self-awareness for optimal leadership. Susan advises executive teams on how to work together effectively and create inclusion and gender parity in organizations. She is passionate about working with women at all levels of organizational leadership to fully realize—and manifest—their leadership potential.

Featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, Susan is the author of the forthcoming Arrive & Thrive: 7 Essential Practices of Women Navigating Leadership (McGraw-Hill, April 2022), The Inclusive Leader's Playbook (Simmons University), Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement: How the Best Women Leaders Practice Self-Awareness to Change What Really Matters (McGraw-Hill), and The 30-Second Guide to Coaching Your Inner Critic. A celebrated speaker, Susan has keynoted or consulted at over 500 organizations around the world.

Prior to joining Simmons, Susan was Executive Vice President at Linkage, Inc. a global leadership development consulting and training firm. She founded Linkage's Women in Leadership Institute™ and launched Linkage’s global practice on Advancing Women Leaders and Inclusive Leadership, and led the field research behind the 7 Leadership Hurdles Women Leaders Face in the Workforce™. Dedicated to inclusively and collaboratively inspiring every girl to realize her full potential, Susan serves as emertus board member of the not-for-profit Strong Women, Strong Girls.

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