Book Smarts Business

Kurt Davis, Navigate To The Lighthouse

October 28, 2022 Season 2 Episode 73
Book Smarts Business
Kurt Davis, Navigate To The Lighthouse
Show Notes

What got this expert traveler (someone who has been to 90 countries and lived in all habitable continents) to sit down and write three books? Kurt shares his love of travel and how that has transitioned nicely into more blogging/publishing. He also explains his own method for breaking down content and telling better stories. Check It Out!

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Bio: Kurt Davis

Kurt follows life and career where well-being, travel, and entrepreneurship intersects. The first 20 years of his career were spent between Silicon Valley and Asia working with technology startups in finance and business development roles.

In 2017, he took time off, a gap year, if you will. With an interest to explore a new part of the world, he went to Africa and volunteered at emerging business accelerators and non-profits. This experience resulted in starting a business accelerator in a refugee camp called and writing a book called Finding Soul: From Silicon Valley to Africa.

He returned to the US in 2018 and launched KDAlive ( This platform shares his experiences with those who are mapping their careers and lives with a focus on well-being, travel/culture, and self-employment/entrepreneurship.

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