Book Smarts Business

Chris Dyer, Remote Work

December 08, 2021 Jodi Brandstetter Season 1 Episode 20
Book Smarts Business
Chris Dyer, Remote Work
Show Notes

In today's episode, we chat with Chris Dyer, Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader and Author of Remote Work: Redesign Processes, Practices and Strategies to Engage a Remote Workforce. During our conversation, we discuss tactics for remote work, strategies with companies that have remote and in-person teams and how a process makes writing a book easier.

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Connect with Chris:

Chris Dyer is the founder and CEO of PeopleG2, where he manages 30 full-time remote employees and 3,000 independent contractors. PeopleG2 is routinely ranked one of the best places to work and has been listed as one of Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. Having made the transition to remote during the recession in 2009 with stunning success, Chris Dyer is now a world-renowned expert on remote leadership and productive company culture.

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