Overcoming The Darkness: Justin D's Story
The Blind Exorcist
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The Blind Exorcist
Overcoming The Darkness: Justin D's Story
Oct 06, 2022 Episode 1
Justin Daubenmire

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As a blind exorcist, I've experienced firsthand the darkness and torment that demon possession can bring. But, through the power of Jesus Christ, I've managed to find freedom and healing. In this eye-opening first episode of TBE, I share my personal journey from being a regular, athletic kid in Ohio to battling demons, undergoing exorcism, and becoming a certified exorcist.

How does a normal, functional person become possessed by demons? I reveal the haunting truth about how I picked up demons through molestation, pornography, and other dark encounters. Listen as I debunk the Hollywood stereotype of demon possession and discuss the importance of recognizing and addressing supernatural events in our lives. I also share my intense experiences with demonic attacks, paranormal activity, and how I fought back with righteous anger to ultimately overcome demonic torment.

Finally, I discuss my path to becoming an exorcist - from enrolling in the International School of Exorcism to learning from experienced exorcists and applying their techniques in my own practice. Discover the benefits of exorcism and how it's possible to confront your own demons and find freedom through this powerful process. Join me in this illuminating episode as I offer hope to those who may be struggling with their own unseen battles.

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