The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour

Spookysode IV

May 01, 2019 Episode 45
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Spookysode IV
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Spookysode IV
May 01, 2019 Episode 45
Charlye Michelle, Macy Frazier
Show Notes

Here come the scares! Sit down kids, it's time to find out what the witches have been cooking up to scare your pants off. Our top listening cities this time were Seattle, Washington and Lawrence, Kansas - And they aren't playing around with their urban legends.

WARNING : This episode contains some spooky mic interference
We would normally cut this, but it adds to the spoopyness.

Things we talked about this episode:
The Wicked Witch Co. Candles

Thank you to those who sent in their stories:
Michelle P, Ken K, Pepper, Elise, Rachel C, Fenn, Mother Confessor, Teayra P, Amber-Lily, and The Masked Witch

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