The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour

What Color Are Our Auras? Pt. 2

August 06, 2019 Episode 59
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
What Color Are Our Auras? Pt. 2
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
What Color Are Our Auras? Pt. 2
Aug 06, 2019 Episode 59
Charlye Michelle, Macy Frazier
The results are in! How are our auras looking?
Show Notes

We got our chakras and auras photographed!
Were we correct about the states of our chakras? Here is what we guessed in the last episode:
Charlye - Pretty “ok” 5/10
Macy - Healthy, Vibrant
C -
M - Maybe in extreme either way because of losing (then finding!) Jorah
C - Small and dead. 3/10
M - Rocking and rolling
C - Overactive 14/10
M - Underactive from losing (then finding!) Jorah
C - Small 3/10
M - Allergies with the throat Just ok
Third eye
C - Pretty strong 9/10
M - Pretty healthy
C - Pretty good - 7/10
M - Shrunk

Check out what the colors mean!
Skeptical about Tarot Readings?
Unconvinced about Reiki?
Leery on Natal Chart Reading?
We want to take the plunge FOR you, and report back! Hopefully we can be the last little push into whichever way you believe!

This week, we talk about what we think about aura photos, some self diagnosis of our chakras, and lots of chatting

Things we talked about this episode:
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