The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour

Tiwaz and Favomancy - Ep. 61

August 21, 2019 Episode 61
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Tiwaz and Favomancy - Ep. 61
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Tiwaz and Favomancy - Ep. 61
Aug 21, 2019 Episode 61
Charlye Michelle, Macy Frazier
Runes, Cleromancy, and Sugar Slime
Show Notes

The Witches Have an Exciting Announcement!
It's BEAN a heck of a good time making this new merch for you guys, check out our new Blessed Beans merch over on our website :

This week the witches are at Coosaw Farms (@secretmountainfarm), enjoying a little R&R and talking a little divination. Macy brings some Tiwaz to the table, in the most recent of the rune series. Charlye does a not-so-subtle plug for all things bean related with Bean Scrying.

Join us for BEAN MERCH, Divination, and a dang good Bloody Mary.

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Things we talked about this episode:
Dmitry Korolev's Video on Reading a Favomancy Mat

Pagan Pop Up. Vol. 2 - Where we will be recording a Live Ep. and have some wares for sale!

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