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The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Witchy Bazaar Magic - Ep.4.5
July 07, 2018 Charlye Michelle, Macy Frazier, Ashley Frazier
Did someone say Saturday Night Bonus Episode?! Join the witches, along with guest host Ashley Frazier, discuss their experiences at last months DFW Witchy Bazaar in this very chatty sit down.

Just a few of the lovely vendors we met, and spoke about in this bonus ep:

Pablo's Lotus-Garden and Apothecary Instagram @pabloslotus Facebook @pabloslotus

Kailur Jewelry Instagram @kailur_jewelry Facebook @KailurJewelry

Haunt Mess Bath Company Instagram @hauntmessbathco

Mama Cleanse Instagram @mama_cleanse

Marrow and Moss Instagram @marrowandmoss

Robyns Nest Artwork Instagram @robyns_nest_artwork

ArtioArtisanals Instagram @artioartisanals Facebook @artioartisanals

St.Emerald Instagram @st.emerald

We got listener comments! This time we hear from @Rachel_On_Deck and @TheBroomWitch courtesy of Instagram.

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