The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour

Copal and Tiger's Eye - Ep 37.

March 05, 2019 Episode 37
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Copal and Tiger's Eye - Ep 37.
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Copal and Tiger's Eye - Ep 37.
Mar 05, 2019 Episode 37
Charlye Michelle, Macy Frazier
Medical oils, Chatoyancy, and Sciency Rock Stuff
Show Notes

The witches get focused! In this episode, Charlye shares some info on Copal, both historical and witchy. Macy "œil de chat’s” about tigers eye. Can a pairing of these two metaphysical powerhouses help get your head in a meditative zone?

Things we talked about this episode:
Kim and Clever Kims Curios
Instagram : @cleverkimscurios

Who introduced us to Copal - Pablos Lotus
Instagram : @pabloslotus

Article about Copal Medical Uses By Dr. Tsang

Get your Copal here!

More info on Tiger's Eye

Official Metafizz Winner! - Amelia R!!!
2 ounces coconut rum
1 lime
8 blackberries
5 fresh sage leaves
1 teaspoon maple syrup
Dash of orange bitters (optional)

Garnish with (optional):
-dried sage leaves
-dry ice

Muddle the blackberries and fresh sage together in a cocktail shaker (or large glass if you don't have one) until broken down and fragrant.
Pour in the rum, lime juice, bitters (optional), and maple syrup. Give it a good shake (or stir if using glass) while focusing all your positive energy into the mix. I like to picture it like a white light radiating from my hands, but you can do whatever feels right.
Once you feel like it's nice and mixed together and charged with positive energies, pour it over a small chunk of dry ice
Add your garnish of blackberries and dried sage (I put mine on a tooth pick to keep the sage out of the liquid)

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